Jared Taylor

The Real American Dilemma Race, Immigration, and the Future of America

The Real American Dilemma
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Race is still the American dilemma. This is partly because Americans dare not speak frankly about it. This book is different. Its contributors refuse to be intimidated by accusations of “racism.” They address the burning issues of our time:

  • Why is integration not working?
  • Is Third World immigration good for America?
  • Are whites destined to become a minority?
  • Why is there so much black crime?

Includes essays by:

  • Prof. Philippe Rushton
  • Dr. Samuel Francis
  • Prof. Michael Levin
  • Prof. Glayde Whitney
  • Jared Taylor
  • Prof. Michael Hart
  • Fr. James Thornton
  • Dr. Wayne Lutton

This book will make you think. If you care about America it will make you act. It is a collection that brings together eight of the most thoughtful people writing about race today.

From the Introduction:

More and more Americans believe that the liberal approach to race relations has been a catastrophe, but they are loathe to say so openly. This is because the liberal analysis has been an accepted part of the intellectual landscape for so long that it is essentially unassailable. Race is, in fact, the great taboo. There is no other subject on which private opinion diverges so widely from public pronouncement.

Jared Taylor

From the reviews:

I think The Real American Dilemma … ought to be recommended reading for every American concerned about the future of the republic — especially if you are white.

Ken Hamblin, The Denver Post

The well-researched views on race put forth in The Real American Dilemma are an indispensable volume for those wanting the unfettered truth on the most sensitive issue of our time.

Frank Borzellieri, Queens Ledger

Conservatives weary of liberal half-truths and outright lies about that most contentious of subjects, race, will enjoy The Real American Dilemma … This book is chock full of excellent articles from a conservative viewpoint.

Michael Masters, The Citizens Informer

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